What are the best books on typography you recommend?

over 5 years ago from Camilo Sanchez, Senior Product Designer @hackerone

  • Duke CavinskiDuke Cavinski, over 5 years ago

    Here's a short list, nothing controversial. In my humble opinion, historical context is the most important aspect of really tamping this stuff down.

    • Just My Type
    • Never Use Futura
    • Thinking With Type
    • On Web Typography
    • The Elements of Typographic Style
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    • Account deleted over 5 years ago

      +1 for Thinking with type

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    • D Dot, over 5 years ago

      Have all of those and can confirm they are all great choices. I have one additional book to add.

      The Anatomy of Type: A graphic Guide to 100 Typefaces by Stephen Coles

      It's a great book for gaining a solid foundation of both type anatomy and classifications. Stephen is the former creative director of FontShop and co-founder of Fonts In Use; his knowledge of typography is extensive. I learn new things every time I open it up.

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      • Duke CavinskiDuke Cavinski, over 5 years ago

        Yes! I forgot that one. Covers your basics of type structure, taxonomy, and dives into the unique features that makes popular typefaces unique.

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