• Austin Knight, almost 6 years ago

    Looking good. I second the feedback regarding the left panel and UI-ception. I would also group all of the work together. The separation and change in pattern (some have thumbnails, others don't) seems arbitrary right now.

    Additionally, I'd consider focusing the titles of your case studies on the experience and outcome that you created (at a high level), rather than the brand name. Unless you worked with a very recognizable brand, the name of the company or product is going to be fairly meaningless.

    So "Avocarrot Exchange Platform" could become "An enterprise advertising platform for mobile app developers" or something to that effect.

    Tregg and Kyle have done something similar.

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    • Andrew ch, almost 6 years ago

      Hey Austin - thanks for providing Tregg's and Kyle's portfolios. Valuable resources.

      Your point is very interesting and frankly, something I hadn't thought about. Totally new perspective for me. Thanks for sharing it.

      I will definitely consider it.


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