How do you clock in your freelance hours?

over 9 years ago from Dmitri Litvinov, Freelance Designer

  • Paul TorresPaul Torres, over 9 years ago

    At my old job I used Harvest; Highly recommend.

    And for my freelance stuff I've had an old copy of iBiz for the longest that still does the trick: (looks like it's no longer supported however.)

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    • Will Hitchcock, over 9 years ago

      My partner and I also use Harvest to track our time. Like some of the others in this thread, we mostly bill by the day rather than by the hour, but we still like to track our time for our own personal reference.

      Harvest has a pretty good time tracking app for Mac. If your Internet connection is spotty it can be a little bit inconsistent on time which is frustrating. We also find the invoicing and expense reporting to be pretty helpful.

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    • Dmitri LitvinovDmitri Litvinov, over 9 years ago

      Harvest seems cool. Just seems like such a hassle with all the sign up and all the free trial blah blah.

      Wish there was just something dead simple without the hassle.

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