"I don't have time to learn new design skills." Well, now you do. Be a better designer.(designers.how)

almost 6 years ago from Rob Gill, UX Designer and Director at Provius

  • Jimmy HookerJimmy Hooker, almost 6 years ago

    You could argue all calculus teachers teach the same subject, but all do so with a different point of view, set of experiences, and ability to convey the material.

    To further the analogy, a senior/skilled student might have time to donate for mentoring and tutoring, but they're not necessarily of the skill level or ability to create a whole curriculum.

    There are some nice guides out there that teach you specific stuff, but it seems short sighted to discount a holistic approach to learning that requires dedicated staff, structure, strategy, and ultimately, a revenue model. There's also plenty of room in the market for different ways of doing this, as different teachers, models, and strategies will appeal to different mindsets.

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