Framer shares a first look at their all-new screen design tool(

almost 6 years ago from Krijn Rijshouwer, Product Designer at Framer

  • Krijn Rijshouwer, almost 6 years ago

    It’s almost here! From Frames and Shapes to Vectors and more, it’s all going live on December 20th.

    In anticipation of the big unveiling, here’s a first look at all the features launching as part of our complete screen design toolkit.

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    • Thomas MathewThomas Mathew, almost 6 years ago

      Has there been thought in Framer Studio around statefulness and component libraries? I feel like Figma and Subform are innovating in these areas.

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      • Clayton Farr, almost 6 years ago

        ^ This. Please. Once states and components can be managed in Framer's Design view it’ll be something that can start replacing a lot of other options.

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