Adobe XD December Update: The One with Text Underline

almost 6 years ago from Kyle Galle, Design Marketing, UI/UX @ Adobe

  • Kyle Galle, almost 6 years ago

    Hi Jason, glad you enjoy seeing the frequent updates! In regard to the PDF export size, I will check with the team. A few other users had a similar comment here. Please feel free to add any additional details about the issue you are seeing. You can also upvote this feature request here on additional PDF export options.

    Color management is something that we are hearing consistent feedback from the community. I would encourage you to add your vote here.

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    • Jason FullerJason Fuller, almost 6 years ago

      Hi Kyle,

      Thanks for your response, I've upvoted the items and added comments.

      Is there anyway you can feedback to me on the export size?

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