Adobe XD December Update: The One with Text Underline

almost 6 years ago from Kyle Galle, Design Marketing, UI/UX @ Adobe

  • Jason Kanzler, almost 6 years ago

    can't remember the last time i ever even underlined text but ok

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    • Kyle Galle, almost 6 years ago

      Hi Jason, thank you for the comment. Do you use XD now? Is there anything you would like to see become available in XD?

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      • Stuart McCoyStuart McCoy, almost 6 years ago

        See subform and take copious notes. The web and mobile design is responsive. XD should be as well.

        Also, bring in After Effects-like timeline animations (or Edge Animate-like versus Animate CC-like). Timelines should be object oriented not just global for an entire art board. For instance, I might want to create a few animated icons or animate state change. I don't want to dig through a long timeline, I want to click an object and bring up the individual properties that can be key-framed, motion graphed, and animated. This could be individual lines in an icon or the state change between art boards or buttons. It could be the pop-up or slide-in of a navigation menu or modal window. Animation and access to scripting are key tools that need to be baked into any UI/UX tool.

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        • Kyle Galle, almost 6 years ago

          Hi Stuart, I appreciate the feedback. The team is looking at ways to bring responsive/adaptive design to XD. If you have not already, lend your vote here.

          In regard to animation, are using After Effects to achieve these animations or other tools ? This is on the team's radar and they are looking, as you suggest, at how to provide something that is simple to use. If you haven't already, upvote this request here

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