Leading screen design tool in 2018

6 years ago from Korey Hall, User Interface Designer

  • Samantha S, 6 years ago

    I don't know why Axure has such a bad rep on HN and is mostly missing from design tool discussions. My sense is that it is not popular with UX bootcamp type people who don't take the time to learn the tool and all its conditional logic greatness which is a godsend for handing off prototypes to any developer.

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    • Mitchell BMitchell B, 6 years ago

      I've had to make some very very high fidelity prototypes before (for some demanding but low-tech-knowledge clients), and Axure was the perfect tool for that - If you need a list of employees, their salaries and pension contributions that you can edit and the prototype accurately calculates live, Axure is your tool.

      But I can definitely see how daunting the interface is if you just need static screens, especially compared to XD, Sketch or Figma.

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    • Steve O'ConnorSteve O'Connor, almost 6 years ago

      I have to admit to only learning to use it this year, and it was a bit of a revelation! Unfortunately designing responsive pages isn't great, and the total lack of mobile app animations and transitions means having to go elsewhere for those.

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