Leading screen design tool in 2018

6 years ago from Korey Hall, User Interface Designer

  • Ivan BjelajacIvan Bjelajac, 6 years ago

    Why do you feel they're narrow? I for instance feel like Sketch is a very open tool that supports a lot of workflows with it's plugins and so on...

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    • Darren Treat, 6 years ago

      Honestly, Todd Makes a good point.

      To me, I love Sketch, but the lack of native Responsive re-flow makes me have to go out and make multiple sketch pages (Read: Do everything twice) for mobile and desktop. This seems simple but for complex apps it's a total pain and when you make a change somewhere, you have to duplicate it elsewhere.

      Now, Invision Studio claims to take an approach at that and advertise support for it.

      Personally, everything else Invision makes feels terribly awkward and bloated so my hopes for Studio are insanely low.

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    • Todd FTodd F, almost 6 years ago

      Just pointing out that Sketch and it's peers are not UX tools - They're tools for making graphic designs (which may be one part of a user's experience with your product, but are definitely not comprehensive). Actual user experiences are much more than just that.I think Sketch is fine at what it does, but who is going to create the tools for designing modern user experiences? Native prototyping and outputting code is a great addition to tools like Figma, but that's still pretty limited. AR? VR? VUI? Freeform gestures that don't involve touching a screen - how do you design for those in Sketch?

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