Leading screen design tool in 2018

almost 6 years ago from Korey Hall, User Interface Designer

  • Tyson KingsburyTyson Kingsbury, almost 6 years ago

    for me, hands down, it's Figma.

    couldn't agree with you guys more... It amazes me how fast Figma is, how versatile.... One thing I'm hoping for in the next year or so would be some limited animation etc... being able to prototype animations etc would be great. And seeing as how Framer is going forward with their vector stuff, to me it would make sense to see Figma digging in on that side of the equation as well (getting more involved with some animation etc)

    anyhow, it certainly blows the doors down on using photoshop for design... and adobe XD? good lord, why? unless and until they go the web route like Figma, i have no interest...despite having had high hopes when they started. for me, it was all about the 'ease of use' and the hand-off. I needed something that was as familiar to me as using photoshop or illustrator, and equally, something I could easily share with my developers. Figma excells at both. Inside one afternoon I was able to quickly get the hang of it, and immediately share the work with my dev team on the other side of town. No need to pray they had photoshop and could understand what I'd done...no explaining 'this jpg means x' etc.... just send the link, or share it, and they had full access to what I was working on, could see the code and copy it themselves... blew my developers minds...they loved it instantly....

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    • Brennan Smith, almost 6 years ago

      I agree with this. Figma's components and the handling of instances is the main reason that made me switch from Sketch.

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      • Thomas Lowry, almost 6 years ago

        Ever gone back to Sketch to an old project after moving to Figma. It is amazing how many times you start double-clicking symbols to edit them...makes you realize how much more sense the "Figma way" makes sense.

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    • Bruce Vang, almost 6 years ago

      I never realized how much time I wasted uploading to Zeplin and Invision until I tried Figma. I love that once I make a change it's automatically updated for my prototypes and dev hand-off.

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    • Andrew Richardson, almost 6 years ago

      The "here's the link" aspect of Figma is a bigger deal than most people think. Being able to have one source of truth that everyone can check into at any time is incredible.

      I've never had a better presentation experience either, especially with the simple prototyping tool that they recently built. It helps so much to be able to actually click on a button and have it actually go to the page it's supposed to rather than "So when they click here, it's going to go to... scrolling around to find the screen... here".

      On top of that the library system is amazing.

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    • Thomas Lowry, almost 6 years ago

      I'm there with you!

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