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over 5 years ago from Joao Carvalho, UX Designer

  • Christian Krammer, over 5 years ago

    Same here, 38 years. Was in web-design for over two decades, but grew more and more tired of the entire field over time. The constant pressure, the constant need to learn this, that and that (and this technique of course). Of course, you can never stop learning these days, but the web-design field is some crazy area. Sometimes I wished to be a bus driver. Just sit, brain off and drive. ;)

    Lately, I’ve had the huge opportunity to transition away from design, into a totally different field. I’m a product owner now, so basically manage people of the type I used to be before. So, like other people say, try to go into a managing role when you grow older, it’s just a natural process. Of course, it’s hard to do if you get no opportunity, but I think if you keep your eyes open for such positions there will be one sometime.

    I still believe in good Karma, and a side-project can also help. Without the many I pursued in my life I wouldn’t be where I am now.

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    • Veronika Žuvić, over 5 years ago

      This is a very interesting topic.

      I am 45 years old and in this job immediately after I've finished a college of nice arts. I have a day job as a designer more than 20 years and I design for clients over the net for a past few years in the same time.

      I am very satisfied with my job; I have a very good boss and nice income, I bring my dog in my office - every day, I do what I love, through the years I bought my own flat, my health insurance is covered and, in fact, I work from 9 am till 2.30 pm. Sometimes I forget to be grateful on what I have.

      There is a plan that I become a boss one day, when my boss get retired, but I don't wish this to happens soon - it is much nicer to design than worry about the bills and taxes!

      Yes, sure, there are days when I complain and when I am lazy, but I suppose this is normal. But there are some changes through the years; I do have more experience, but less energy. Sometimes I don't have enthusiasm for some tasks as before. I don't learn new technical things, just when I am forced to it. I suppose I will continue to do what I do. I also don't have a feeling that I know everything. Far from that. This is a reason to go on...

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