I Love Your Comment(iloveyourcomment.com)

over 5 years ago from Eli Schiff, elischiff.com

  • Kyle LKyle L, over 5 years ago

    When I see sites like this I see jealousy more than anything else. Who is really tired of compliments? Criticism plays a big role in the design process. It helps shape our design. But dribbble is not a platform where people are sharing in-process work.

    Designing and shipping things is hard work. Sometimes after you have labored through hours of design, critiques, and client calls, all you want is a "Congrats!"

    Sites like this are toxic, and full of contempt. Instead of giving a path forward they prevent people from wanting share, engage, or even have a conversation.

    Yes conversation is vital... But hey, "we aren't all tired of this", there is a place for this.

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