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over 5 years ago from Joao Carvalho, UX Designer

  • Liam WheatonLiam Wheaton, over 5 years ago

    TIL new technologies are buzzwords lmao

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    • Nemanja NenadicNemanja Nenadic, over 5 years ago

      It's not about new technologies as much as overusing them. UI, UX, prototyping etc. is nothing new and we're overwhelmed by self proclaimed gurus and their medium/twitter/facebook/blog posts.

      We're in an age where people talk more about their work then they actually work.

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      • Interested Curious, over 5 years ago

        Oh thats definitely always been the case, I just feel like it might be easier to share it and that people are being taught that its the only way to get hired.

        Fellow designers tend to be jaded, while the onlookers from outside may feel like "hey he's got a blog and some followers, this guy knows his stuff"

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      • Bruce Vang, over 5 years ago

        I like the information sharing that we have. There's a high demand/low supply of information on new technology and tools. I don't need to learn from a PHD. If it's taught by a certified school, it's already old.

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      • Adetunji PaulAdetunji Paul, over 5 years ago

        We are also in an age where it's nearly impossible for young designers to get noticed for work opportunities without being reputable online. Which as they're trying to tell us is by living two lives, one online and the other in the real. It's something like a wall I've come up against many times but it's driven by the clientside habits. When i get recommended for work, my clients Google me first, and those first 3 results are the difference between hired and pass on most days. It's just the way life is now.

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