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6 years ago from Max Lind, sometimes Maxwell

  • Rhys MerrittRhys Merritt, 6 years ago

    Haha, yeah! Are you Welsh? I'm not, but the parents decided it would be hilarious to deprive me of vowels.

    I just think Dribbble is not a great comparison to DN. The most common comment you see on Dribbble is usually "Nice colours" or "Great!"... I think DN is a more suitable place for actual discussion - and when someone posts something on here, it's open for critique.

    I do think criticism is important in design - and for me personally, I think DN is still a bit of a 'safe space' with a lot of overly sensitive people... Perhaps I just feel that the criticism on here is taken too personally - I'm not sure.

    Anyway - I think the important takeaway is that I don't believe anyone is trying to make the websites owner feel like shit.

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