Helen Tran — Product Designer(helentran.com)

6 years ago from Max Lind, sometimes Maxwell

  • Paco Lara, 6 years ago

    I´m not invalidating anything. That is what you say. The quality of her work is out of any discussion. And, thanks for judging my work. It´s funny you talk about fallacies and finish your post with an authority fallacy trying to invidate my opinion because my work is not so relevant as her. I´m stop writing here because I don´t want to be disrespectful.

    By the way. I wrote this yesterday in one of the comment I made... Maybe I don´t like some parts of the web but I can see the value that it has and I´m sure I can learn a couple of things of how she talks about herself and how to make your personal site.

    So, please, stop judging me.

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