Helen Tran — Product Designer(helentran.com)

6 years ago from Max Lind, sometimes Maxwell

  • Dustin Locke, 6 years ago

    I believe if all you want is freelance projects, you're probably better off just showing work.

    If, however, you want to be considered a partner, an asset, and somebody who can add long-term value as an employee or contractor, you should show off more than just your work. We always complain about not having a seat at the table, but then we position ourselves as pencils waiting to be picked up.

    I think Helen's site shows that she's dead serious about strategy, she's a total badass, she's respected by her peers, she's extremely ambitious, and she has actual visual design chops. Call it ego, but she's just selling herself as more than a photoshop monkey.

    In my opinion :)

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    • Paco Lara, 6 years ago

      I agree when you say about being more than a designer and sure she is amazing and awesome and super ambitious and profesional. As Nice Shoes says, the first impression is... different. After that you realize Helen is an amazing profesional. No doubt about it, but you don´t need to show you as a H&M model in a fashion comercial to prove it (ask Paula Scher, for example). So, yes, I call that ego. It´s like the classical stereotype of "the cool designer".

      And not doing that do not means that you are a photoshop monkey at all.

      By the way, It´s difficult to find the tone in not your native language. I´m using smileys because of that and remarking that what I´m saying is just an opinion because we are talking about the work of other person. So, I´m saying if something like me or not. Be as sarcastisc as you want :)

      Maybe I don´t like some parts of the web but I can see the value that it has and I´m sure I can learn a couple of things of how she talks about herself and how to make your personal site.

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      • Dustin Locke, 6 years ago

        I wasn't being sarcastic at all. Your English is fantastic. My smiley was to let you know I'm not trying to be contentious either :)

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        • Paco Lara, 6 years ago

          Hey Dustin. I´m sorry, sometimes is difficult to understand how things are said. So it´s my fault :)

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