I have created minimalistic device cradle from a single block of wood(woodle3.com)

almost 6 years ago from Miroslav Kostic, Lead Designer @Symphony

  • Rhys MerrittRhys Merritt, almost 6 years ago

    I like the basic nature of it. I've bought a few different device cradles throughout the last year or so, and my biggest peeve is the need to charge while in the cradle. If you could rout a cord hole big enough so the cord can relax into the phone through the bottom of the block, that would be great.

    I've tried this one here: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Smart-Simple-Mobile-Phone-Kickstand-Stand-Holder-Magnetic-Bamboo-Wood-Stand-for-Iphone-Samsung-Tablet-PC/32432369077.html

    I didn't like that there wasn't enough clearance on the bottom to be able to charge at the same time.

    I also tried this one here: https://www.etsy.com/uk/transaction/1205319988

    While it's lovely, I do find that the cord doesn't fit comfortably through the block. There isn't quite enough clearance to make it comfy. so I find pushing the charging cable through it to be a bit of a nuisance. and picking the phone up off the cradle and putting it back in is in turn annoying - which makes me want to use it less.

    My favourite cradle I've seen is this one: https://grovemade.com/product/walnut-iphone-dock/?initial=120

    The price makes me think twice.. but I can see it might be an investment for a really nice, well made bit of desk furniture that performs its function very well.

    I think what you have made is nice and simple - if the charging issue was solved, I'd be happy to pay a bit more for it, and if it was really simple to pick up, and put down back on the charge without having to pull the cord through more and muck about, then I'd be willing to pay even more. The final kicker, if I knew the wood was sustainably sourced, I'd be all over it.

    That's my bit of feedback :)

    Note: I've got to the end of this comment, and only just now realised that you do rout a cord hole through it.. the picture on the website didn't make that clear.

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    • Miroslav KosticMiroslav Kostic, almost 6 years ago

      Thank you for your feedback! Check this out: http://www.mickeysworkshop.com/woodle3/ I have explained it a bit further. You will see an image there which explains how a cable is inserted into Woodle Cube. Cable is not fixed in any way, so when you want to take your phone off the stand, the cable will come along, and you can disconnect it. I came up with the smallest possible size, so less wood is used, I will probably publish exact measurements at some point and make it an open source project.

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