Finally got my new product design portfolio together.(

6 years ago from Tregg Frank, Product Designer

  • Tregg FrankTregg Frank, 6 years ago

    First of all, thank you so much! That means a ton.

    This took me way too long. Like, waaay too long. Because I pivoted 2 times. The real push to get it done was this week. I lost my internship due to financial issues at the company so I suddenly had a lot of time to burn. I'd say total this is about 80 hours of work, not including the projects themselves. Most of the case study content was already written, but piecing it together took a long time as well.

    Most of the time was spent on the front end design and iterating on it, and then implementing Kirby CMS on the back end. I used Webflow for the front end, so I also was learning a ton about that platform while making this. It ended up being a great way to learn some new skills.

    It DOES take time, but there's definitely smarter ways to work. I've set myself up for a long time with this one. The back end content will be much easier to move around to new designs as I grow because, well, it's Kirby CMS and it's super flexible.

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