Within 2018 — A leadership retreat for women in design(gowithin.co)

6 years ago from Max Lind, sometimes Maxwell

  • Raffaello SanzioRaffaello Sanzio, 6 years ago

    The whole site has terrible accessibility:

    • Lack of focus style (Good luck navigating with a keyboard)
    • Meaningless alt text for images (eg. “karsten-wurth-inf1783-104731.jpg”)
    • The headings are a mess (eg. The copyright text is an h2)

    And more violations that aXe found (19 in total).

    Unfortunately, that‘s the state of modern web design. Glitz over Usability.

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    • John PJohn P, 6 years ago

      Can't believe you both thought this was the time and place to mansplain about that.

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      • Cory MalnarickCory Malnarick, 6 years ago

        as a person who can use everything without the need for assistance, and who isn't as seasoned in the industry as others, I often forget about keeping my designs accessible.

        I thought their callouts to that were great – it reminded me to keep that in mind.

        It wasn't a man trying to gut punch a woman thing in any way they could; it's a designer helping the industry get better.

        Granted, I'm a white dude; maybe any criticism at all is harmful for the advancement of better diversity in the industry. To that, I just don't know. But I'm a superfan of retreats like these.

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