• Willem ShepherdWillem Shepherd, 6 years ago

    I personally would look at your phrasing of your current position. Right now you are positioning yourself as a 'choice' that another company should make, and by stating that you 'need' an internship - I think you are diminishing yourself.

    I would look at rephrasing it to be focused on the benefit, not your 'requirement to find a job to support yourself'. On this note - a lot of your content is focused on fairly hard to define elements like 'getting practical'.

    I love the energy and approach - but wonder if you would be better suited with content that is more specific to:

    • what type of company you want to work for (culture, projects, location if important)
    • what inspires you - who you are, what interests you
    • less on where you worked, more on what you did there, why, what you learned

    We all want to fail forwards - but there are, IMHO, better ways to phrase that. It feels like an empty attention grab vs a real statement - I would much rather hear that you want to explore, push, expand, challenge your current 'you', than you want to fail and learn from that.

    A couple small notes - you mention 'Please get in touch, if you think, we could be a match!' I would reword this as: - If you think we could be a match, please get in touch - and make the 'please get in touch' a link to your email or some way to contact you.

    When making the statement 'It's both academic and actual work-work as well as projects that are in the making right now.' - you mention 'both' but then say 3 things, your academic, work-work, and projects in the making. I would re-think this statement. As well - 'Feel free to look around' is stating the obvious - instead - maybe an action? - something to stimulate thought about your projects, not sure what haha.

    Sorry for the rambling! Cheers Willem

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    • Frederik Højfeldt Nielsen, 6 years ago

      Much appreciated, Willem. Thank you for your time – rambling here are good ;-) Definitely some valuable notes to move on with. And, yeah, I think especially the wordings and the whole narrative on my portfolio still needs to be worked on, but damn it's hard. I could be more specific and aligned in what I say without making it redundant.

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