• Ben RamseyBen Ramsey, 6 years ago

    Internal team. We've been using the following for several years with success:

    • • Presentations
    • 00 Project
    • 01 UX Research
    • 02 UX Design
    • 03 UI Design
    • 04 Delivery

    Inside structure for 00-03 is undefined and up to the team of ~15. The UX Design team decided to standardize their explorations, WIP, and deliveries into subfolders within 03.

    05 Delivery contains 2 folders at all times: A dated folder with the latest exhaustive delivery, and •Archive which contains previous deliveries for the project.

    We used to have a 05 Results folder but found it difficult to manage and stay in sync w/ our data analytics team that has since improved their reporting consistency / usability of finding what you need.

    We use 2 share drives. One that is internal to only our design + creative teams, and another that can be accessed by all of our cross-functional partners. Typically, only the review documents + deliveries go on that drive.

    We keep Invision prototypes up to date as we work through the projects, and use those + static documentation during reviews.

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