I Quit Facebook—and You Should, Too(erickarjaluoto.com)

almost 6 years ago from Eric Karjaluoto, I design things like Emetti, Pixaver, and Campnab—plus client gigs at smashLAB.

  • Sam MularczykSam Mularczyk, almost 6 years ago

    Good on you! Everyone I know (including myself) that has tried to leave Facebook cold turkey has always jumped back on board again after a couple months. It's this behemoth that's now become the de-facto way that a lot of people communicate, and removing yourself from that can be really isolating.

    The real issue with Facebook is the news feed. It's engineered to be totally addictive and present you with an endless stream of content. The solution to kill the negative parts of FB is to unfollow all people, pages and groups so my news feed is completely empty.

    I did this two years ago, and it helped me to see Facebook purely as a tool, using it only when I need to.

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    • perfume lperfume l, almost 6 years ago

      Agreed that pruning the feed help considerably!

      I have another separate account that reserve for myself ONLY. No friends, no family, no coworker, no one except me, with maximum anti-social privacy setting, just me and things I want to follows (mostly harmless artist/designer without politics or drama)

      Though Facebook's design still somewhat...cluttered to me. There is always something unwanted to nag your attention. I kinda like Instagram more for this purpose. It's more image focus and less noise(text post and all that toxic comment) and there are a lot of great artist/designer/photographer to follow there...

      Though I still find that shutting everything down, include the internet, is the best way to create focused, satisfying work. No amount of inspiration can make you a better designer/artist. You have to do it yourself at the end of the day to make it happened.

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