I Quit Facebook—and You Should, Too(erickarjaluoto.com)

almost 6 years ago from Eric Karjaluoto, I design things like Emetti, Pixaver, and Campnab—plus client gigs at smashLAB.

  • perfume lperfume l, almost 6 years ago

    THANK YOU for writing this! I'm sad, knowing that the people who should read your article the most are the people who least likely to read it. Ironically I still have to share your post on my FB to let them know, haha.

    • I'm feeling lucky that I'm not addicted to social media — used to, yes, like everyone did, but no more. I'm one of a very few person in my office who not GLUED to smartphone, swipe up continuously, expected to find an 'interesting' feed (Pro Tips: There is none) I still left my account intact though and login with purpose only(about once every 3 months or when I have something to post on my managed page) I rarely post on my personal account and NEVER read the feed. You can say my friends are 'trained' to not expected me on it. :)

    • Yet, as an artist, I still have to used social media in some way or another to promote my work, and it RUINED my pride as an artist. I used to drawing and painting, crafting my work, honing my skills, and sometimes posting on art community and my online gallery, and that's it. Then Facebook came, and it changed me and my art. I'm began addicted to 'Likes' and I found that I often have to compromise my visions of my art a lot to make it 'optimized' for social media and mobile phone consumption (e.g. quick, shallow and catchy rather than slow, deep and sophisticated) )

    • Not to mention when you post your work that you do it passionately non-stop for 4 days and got about 10 Likes..., but the one I just roughly doodle in the afternoon for about 5 minute got 40 Likes. I feel like shit of course, because it felt like my work was 'judged' and 'valued' by the number of Likes I got, which is very wrong way to think like that. But it's hard to ignore when the number is there, straight in your face.

    The only thing I can do is boost the post, but I decide to not give Facebook anymore of my pennies.

    Fuck it.

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    • Eric KarjaluotoEric Karjaluoto, almost 6 years ago

      I’ve learned that likes on Facebook mean very little. The first clue to this was when friends would “like” a link I shared within 1 minute of posting it (even though the article would take 10+ minutes to read). ;-)

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