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almost 6 years ago from Matthew Blode, Designer & Front-end Developer

  • Ken Em, almost 6 years ago

    I'm leaning toward the opposite. I'm considering an Android phone for my next device as I feel iOS has become a huge, inconsistent, bloated mess. I'm not sure about anyone else, but iOS 11 has made my iPad more difficult to use, not easier.

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    • Jon ParkinsonJon Parkinson, almost 6 years ago

      Yer, I'm with you. iOS 11 is all over the place in terms of UX consistency. Super annoying to deal with across devices, little less so across apps (but still annoying). But I'm just not convinced Android has enough switching power to convert me. Maybe I'm just stuck in my ways, but iOS still looks good enough to stay with (for now).

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    • Peter Vogt, almost 6 years ago

      I'm with you. I will most likely be switching to Android for the first time in my life (minus a brief interlude with the Moto X in 2012 for 2 weeks until I dropped it and it broke) when my iPhone 6s is paid off.

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