The New Dropbox(

over 5 years ago from Bryan Zavestoski, Product Design @ Zavzen Design

  • Adrien Maston, over 5 years ago

    What to think of this...

    It's unfortunate that they are not accompanying this with statements about the future orientations of the company or even better, a new product release or major update. It comes off as snooty when it could mean "moving toward new directions". It says "I want to be bold and cool" so loud that it's struggling at telling something else... like what Dropbox concretely does, for starters.

    That being said, I think they are still great with illustrations.

    Now for the self-promotion : I did an unsolicited brand refresh of Dropbox a while ago. It was the exact opposite — incremental — and looked like this :

    Dropbox brand refresh on Behance

    Dropbox brand refresh by Adrien Maston

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