The New Dropbox(

over 5 years ago from Bryan Zavestoski, Product Design @ Zavzen Design

  • Craig RozynskiCraig Rozynski, over 5 years ago

    Credit to Dropbox for breaking away from the light and breezy illustration style that's now ubiquitous and overdone, in such a ballsy way.

    Dropbox outsourced the rebranding to Collins. The new brand makes sense in the context of that studio's body of work:

    Collins work is old fashioned. Reinterpreting trends from the past is fine, but to my eye it's more regurgitation than reinterpretation.

    When Dropbox introduced their illustration style it was refreshing and fun to watch it evolve over time. It was so good that it was imitated to the point where they felt they needed to throw it away and start over again, looking for the 'new' thing.

    I don't think Dropbox is going to be the brand that introduces that 'new' thing this time around.

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