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over 5 years ago from Bryan Zavestoski, Product Design @ Zavzen Design

  • Paul ArmstrongPaul Armstrong, over 5 years ago


    They fundamentally misunderstand their users. They at once say this:

    Most of these folks tell us they feel overwhelmed and distracted during the workday, and that this is one of the biggest barriers to creating work they’re proud of. They deal with cluttered inboxes, devices that ping them constantly, and processes that force them to switch between tools all day.

    And then create a system that is all focused on constantly changing elements, being cluttered with color variations that scream for attention, making an overwhelming experience. Literally the opposite for what their users said.

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    • Greg Warner, over 5 years ago

      Pretty much exactly what I thought. There's a fine line between encouraging your audience's creativity and bombarding them with heavy-handed, oft-shifting visual noise. Well-intended, but gets in the way of what should be providing a sense of calm and facilitation of my content (thankfully, sounds like the main UI will be kept pretty calm).

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    • Brendan Appe, over 5 years ago

      Constantly changing elements & color variations is COLLINS' m.o. Just look at their branding for Vitamin Water/Spotify. It's as if Dropbox pointed at those and said "we want that".

      It doesn't look good on a company like Dropbox.

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