I want to learn Sketch. What the hell should I do?

6 years ago from Numecca ., Conceptual Engineer. Dribbble.com/numecca

  • Jake HaugenJake Haugen, 6 years ago

    I agree with the "just dive in" method. I've worked with many designers who picked Sketch up super quickly. I found it fairly easy to pick up as well. Having said that, there are a ton of small things that will make you way more efficient that you won't learn if you don't ask a ton of questions or follow tutorials. I think it's best to find someone who is an expert and will let you ask questions as you learn. If you don't have one of those people around, following some tutorials may be a valid option.

    Here are a couple random tips that come to mind:

    • Symbols can be amazing or a huge pain in the ass. Start by using them all the time and figure out how they fit into your workflow.

    • Sketch has a built in "versioning" feature (File > Revert to). I never got in the habit of using it but I wish I would as it's a lot easier than saving a million versions of your file.

    • Avoid importing crazy, complex vector graphics. It will slow things down. Just import them as an image and edit them in Illustrator.

    • Download InVision's "Craft". It's awesome.

    Good luck! Sketch is great. You'll never go back. I throw a hissy fit every time I have to open up Photoshop now.

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