I want to learn Sketch. What the hell should I do?

6 years ago from Numecca ., Conceptual Engineer. Dribbble.com/numecca

  • David SvezhintsevDavid Svezhintsev, 6 years ago

    How I started:

    1. Opened Sketch.

    2. Asked myself if I can design same website I just have designed in photoshop, only using Sketch tools.

    3. Familiarized myself with all shortcuts along the way.

    4. Figured out key-functionalities like Masking, flipping, type changes.

    5. Learned more about artboards and how to use them.

    6. Learned about importing and cropping images in Sketch.

    7. Embraced components one step at a time.

    Within a full day of playing I had a grasp of Sketch, it's key functions. I felt the speed of Sketch. Speed and freedom I have never felt before. That is until Figma came out and I transitioned to Figma within a day by creating Rick and Morty art with my friend live: https://www.figma.com/file/bi8iUVZx3f125iLiWeLTCU5d/FigmaWins

    Also we need to understand what Sketch is being used for: Web / App interfaces. Image editing is very limited in Sketch/Figma, so I wouldn't recommend to use it for that purpose. I find myself constantly launching Photoshop/Illustrator to make image adjustments needed to Photos or textures I'm working with, so it doesn't replace that part. Also Vector editing is limited in Sketch & Figma, so I also fire Illustrator all the time to clear up SVG's for export.

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