• Joe CJoe C, 6 years ago

    I, for one, am not able to check DN every day, so having popular discussions kept to the top would be a real benefit and encourage me to engage more I think. I remember there used to be a "Discussions" tab? This was a collection of stories with a lot of comments. Not sure what happened to it.

    I really enjoy reading meaningful discussions on here, but I think it's just not that easy to spark with so much content coming on going. I often spend more time reading the comments on a Brand New review, even if half of them are bad jokes. There's some real valuable comments on DN sometimes, sometimes it's difficult to catch it.

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    • Oskar LevinsonOskar Levinson, 6 years ago

      I hear you. I also often spend more time reading the comments than the actual story. I had completely forgotten about the discussions tab, I wonder where it went?

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    • Daniel FoscoDaniel Fosco, 6 years ago

      Agreed 100%

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