Pixelmator Pro(pixelmator.com)

6 years ago from Mariusz Ostrowski, Co-Founder/Designer at Pixle.pl, @faktory

  • Jon MyersJon Myers, 6 years ago

    I currently use Pixelmator for quick and dirty image editing and love it. I’ve been using it for years now.

    It’s a fantastic, powerful and stable product.

    I’m not sure what all the shade is about for Pixelmator Pro.

    It looks absolutely stunning and well thought out.

    Images really can make the site, app and so on.

    Consider Spotify’s duotone imagery and what that has spawned. Duotone monsters everywhere.

    As a designer who also often leads the charge on image direction, acquisition and editing, I’m always on the lookout for tools, plugins and techniques to “Unstock” my photos or to create a more distinctive visual style for images produced by photographers we’ve commissioned.

    Pixelmator Pro looks like it hits a lot of the notes with regards to current demands of “Unstocking” photos and giving your imagery a distinct visual style as fast as possible.

    Take my money.

    The only mistake here is the name.

    It brings out the whiners.

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    • Account deleted 6 years ago

      I'm not seeing too many people whining except the first few people that agree with the first comment on designer news no matter what it is.

      I used pixelmator for a while and it was pretty cool, but i did find the modal windows annoying - this version looks to have solved that so I'll give it a crack when it comes out. I imagine it'll be around 200usd. I can't remember, can you open psds and psbs in pixelmator?

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      • Jon MyersJon Myers, 6 years ago

        Yeah, I agree on the workspace layout in Pixelmator.

        It feels a bit chaotic at times with the floating pallets. I wish there was a way to execute a shortcut command and arrange the pallets into a tighter organized workspace.

        Confession - for a second I thought Pixelmator was owned by Affinity.

        And - that made me realize I had purchased Affinity Photo at some point, but haven't really given it much use.

        The reason I bring that up, though they are different use cases, both products cross paths a bit.

        Affinity Photo is $48.

        I suspect Pixelmator Pro will probably have a debut price $48 - $68 and level out around $79.

        All mere speculation. :)

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