Why do people put payment method icons on their website?

6 years ago from Shane Boland, front-end design/shopify optimization

  • Greg O, 6 years ago

    Because while VISA and MasterCard might be universal/common, most of the others are not. Think of PayPal or even AMEX, but also in some countries like Germany you may have some way of paying cash, which is quite common there but very few international sites care about it. Some users now may like Bitcoin too. And so on.

    It's best for the customer to know, either via the logos, or via a word somewhere early in the navigation; obviously before going through the whole cart/purchase tunnel and having the disappointment late in the process...

    While some people will be unhappy if their preferred payment method is not available, but still be able to switch to another one, some will just abandon the purchase and keep a very bad feeling about your site if it took them too long to find out.

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