Why do people put payment method icons on their website?

over 6 years ago from Shane Boland, front-end design/shopify optimization

  • Bob CechacekBob Cechacek, over 6 years ago

    As with meaningless (and extremely expensive) security badges, it may make the site seem more legit and authoritative. And it’s free.

    You use big-brand names everyone recognizes, and associate your site with them. It’s rather desperate, but it builds trust and reassures the user it’s not a scam… because the icon says so.

    I especially love how even some big sites out there use their own security badges and such adornments. A stock vector that says „100% secure“, that’s perfection.

    Conversation with a client goes like this:

    Client: “The homepage looks empty, could you add credit cards and cheques we accept, somewhere around… right here?”

    You: “Don‘t all of your competitors accept credit cards? People except that, it’s a standard.”

    Client: “…”

    You:“So… Visa, MasterCard, Diner’s Club, anything else?”

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