AMA: Adobe XD 2017

6 years ago from Demian Borba, Product Manager for Adobe XD

  • Willem ShepherdWillem Shepherd, 6 years ago

    I guess there will always be a difference between core vs 'pro/power user' features. This exists in Sketch today but is alleviated by the ability to add plugins to enhance the toolset and general workflow.

    Important Sketch 'advantages' and why I have not /cannot move from it at this point include:

    Sketch - Non - destructive symbol overrides - MAJOR (not just text but style, icon, object etc.)

    • (future beta) Linked libraries with external libraries
    • Dashed borders
    • Multiple borders / fills
    • Symbol organization - even thought the / hack is a hack, it works pretty well
    • Multiple pages
    • Character styles
    • Inner shadow
    • Click and drag to change values (i.e. font size)
    • Custom Nudging (8px)
    • Direct select of objects


    • Auto layout
    • Batch create symbols
    • Batch rename layers
    • Distributor
    • Cover artboard
    • Find and replace
    • Dynamic button
    • Select similar * (layers)
    • Symbol organizer
    • Craft and Invision Sync


    • Character and paragraph styles
    • Global styles, not just colors

    p.s. - if you want to really become a Sketch 'killer' - supporting copy(Sketch)/paste (XD)would be INCREDIBLE

    You're doing a lot really well - looking forward to seeing this become a more fully featured design tool!

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    • Talin WadsworthTalin Wadsworth, 6 years ago

      Thanks Willem! We appreciate the feedback and the detailed list of features you use as part of your daily workflow.

      Some of my favorite features (global color, character styles) just launched with our August update, and there is lots more to come in the following releases.

      We definitely see XD as a "pro" tool. Most of the designers at Adobe are using XD for our daily work. We're designing XD... in XD! We still have a wishlist of features, but still, a lot of great work is happening in the tool.

      Be sure to chime in at our Uservoice or hit us up on twitter if anything else comes to mind.

      -Talin (Lead designer, XD)

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