AMA: Adobe XD 2017

6 years ago from Demian Borba, Product Manager for Adobe XD

  • Rocket Singh, 6 years ago

    That early feeedback line sounds a little like lean startup kool-aid. As I recently heard the Pinterest founder say, sometimes the only thing you learn from releasing a mediocre product early is that people don't like mediocre products.

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    • Brandon ZellBrandon Zell, 6 years ago

      I'll just add this perspective: It seems that Adobe XD is being built fresh, from the ground up, and I think it's an excellent decision. They could have taken a bunch of pieces from InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop, but instead they approached everything with a fresh perspective. The result is a much more intuitive application.

      I'm very happy with how Adobe XD is coming together. Their end goal is implementing these features correctly, not just quickly. I believe part of that is implementing a feature, seeing how people use it, gathering feedback, and then improving.

      Like I said: Illustrator and the other CC apps have fully backed features already. Adobe XD could just use those... but I'm so glad they're not.

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