Where did you find your desktop wallpaper?

6 years ago from Dani Sanchez, Senior UX and Product Designer

  • Morten CMorten C, 6 years ago

    I've been cycling through the BLACK wallpaper series by Jean-Marc Denis. They're great if dark minimalism is your jam!

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    • Greg Warner, 6 years ago

      This dark wallpaper series got me started making lots of minimal-contrast dark photo backgrounds. I pull lots of stuff from Unsplash and other sources, convert to B/W and use curves to darken it up and minimize tonal difference. Gotta have enough detail that it feels human for me, but it's gotta be dark and undistracting from all other windows for sake of focus too. :)

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    • Jack VeigaJack Veiga, 6 years ago

      Neat! Been using Black II for a while but had no idea it was part of a series.

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    • Yassine AbouzaidYassine Abouzaid, 6 years ago


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