AMA: Adobe XD 2017

6 years ago from Demian Borba, Product Manager for Adobe XD

  • Dominik LevitskyDominik Levitsky, 6 years ago

    Any possibility that we might see updates coming out faster?

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    • Demian Borba, 6 years ago

      Hi Dominik. We release XD updates monthly, given a couple of exceptions here and there. Our August update brought bigger features that were being cooked for months and months. Please take a look when you have a chance: We are working on other major features that will land later, planned to deliver great value on challenges such as versioning, integration with other Adobe apps, improvements to prototyping mode, etc. Hope you understand that building a new tool focused on performance, for multiple platforms (Mac, Windows, iOS and Android) takes time. We want to do it right, excellence over shortcuts.

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