What are your favorite pens/notepads for wireframing?

10 years ago from Derryl Carter, a walking pile of oxidation

  • Adam MichielsAdam Michiels, 10 years ago

    Lately at the office I've been a fan of Whitelines.

    I'm still getting used to them, but the weight is decent, and they scan pretty well if I'm running and gunning. There's a "Link" version you can link up with their app to upload PDFs to Evernote, which sounds interesting.

    I'd upload a pic if I wasn't a noob as of this aft :)

    Aside from Sharpies and Copic, I really love the Pilot G-tec series. They're super fine, cheap, refillable, and so on. I suppose it helps there's a pile of them in office just lying there...

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