• Lee Williams, 6 years ago

    I'm going to give honest critical feedback. This personal site would work better if it weren't attempting to be brutalist. Brutalist design isn't inherently bad. There's been some interesting brutalist work that's done some really interesting things. Your site however, is structured in a very traditional way. You've simply made your name larger and awkwardly placed, force justified your nav and used the trendy straight web blue. Other than that there's nothing brutalist about this. There's no breaking of the grid, overlapping and layering of content, pushing the boundaries of typography. There's no dimensionality at all, it's completely flat. Really you've just produced a traditional full screen section product page and lazily applied brutalist window dressing to appear "edgy".

    I'm all for people trying new things, and the only thing I take from brutalism is it's about pushing boundaries and rejecting the formalization of web and product design. So you need to pick a side, are you going to push boundaries and show us something new or just make another flat modernist portfolio?

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