• Interested Curious, 6 years ago

    -Opinion first

    -Something that doesn't determine whether a design is good or not (as wildly famous designs break the grid)

    -Wow I can't instantly know everything about it, it must be bad


    Yikes, you either have had a really bad day, or know nothing outside of webdesign and really really need to explore more and understand the roots and inspirations that inspired web deisign.

    I'm pretty sure your mind would explode if you ever saw David Caron's work. Who made famous MAGAZINE LAYOUTS THAT DIDN'T FOLLOW A GRID.

    There's more to design than websites, you guys should be applauding other applications of traditional graphic design being expressed on the web instead of being so damn sterile.

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    • Joe Baker, 6 years ago

      Well put, and I agree to some extent. My issue is - objectively, how do you critique or share your opinion on something that serves a purpose when brutalist techniques are applied?

      A portfolio serves a function (this is who I am and I want you to work with me). Brutalism IMO hinders that . It's a double negative. I do believe a portfolio can also be art, only if it improves the overall design. Because based on the logic of brutalism what defines a good or a bad brutalistic portfolio? Surely they all can't be good?

      And with magazines - I agree but that's because I see beauty in it. So I kinda want to say - Yea you're right, each to their own. But if Bobby doesn't land any clients is it really an effective portfolio?

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      • Account deleted 6 years ago

        when brutalist techniques are applied...

        But if Bobby doesn't land any clients is it really an effective portfolio?

        Cringe. Maybe Bobby isn't looking for clients. Maybe he is seeking the attention of recruiters at cool agencies that will in return pass it over to a creative director looking for a new designer on their team who "gets it".

        For me, I want to work on lifestyle and fashion brands like Adidas, Nike etc. I wont get the job if my work looks like a bootstrap e-commerce website.

        I dunno. I guess i'm just trying to say, it's just not black and white in terms of what design route to take and I think people on this site need to open up more.

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        • Eli SchiffEli Schiff, 6 years ago

          Maybe Bobby isn't looking for clients.

          You clearly didn't look at the website. Or his Twitter announcement.

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          • Account deleted 6 years ago

            My comment was a more general statement regarding knee jerk reactions to designs that are different than whats normaly posted here.

            Says 'Hire Me' very big at the bottom and I don't use twitter but, ok cool.

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            • Eli SchiffEli Schiff, 6 years ago

              If you think it's different from what's normally posted here, you must have missed the regular interval of postings with designs that look just like this from major companies. What's odd is that several people have non-praise reactions to it. Most likely because it's not from a major company that they worship.

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