A better PNG minifer

over 6 years ago from Ivan Kutskir, Programmer

  • Ivan KutskirIvan Kutskir, over 6 years ago

    Thank you rof your comment!

    • I fixed it, now you can "navigate" the image with a mouse
    • The preview is just to see the quality, it is usually enough to see a small part.
    • The time that you waited was not uploading, but minification of PNG. Large PNGs can take 1 second to minify, or even more.
    • You can always remove images from a downloaded ZIP, or you can press F5 to start over. I don't want to add too many buttons, to make UI even more complex.
    • Slider is slow, because your large PNG was hard to minify. When you minify small images (e.g. 256x256 px icons), slider is much smoother.
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