Bootstrap 4 has arrived! (Beta)

6 years ago from James Lane, UI Designer [Moderator]

  • Matt Hollis, 6 years ago

    I do have a love/hate relationship with Bootstrap, but it's great that this has been released. Congrats to the team.

    My main issue with Bootstrap comes to hiring new developers. Over the years I have seen a huge influx of developers who rely too much upon Bootstrap as the foundation they lay their knowledge on. I've been burnt in the past by developers who simply didn't understand how css worked, but were able to build sites, because they could copy and paste. Reliance upon frameworks like this is often overkill (IMO), and leads to lazy developers, who would struggle to build even the simplest three column layout without a framework.

    Bootstrap definitely has it's place, and has done huge amounts to drive the design industry forward, I just think it's overused....

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