Bootstrap 4 has arrived! (Beta)

6 years ago from James Lane, UI Designer [Moderator]

  • Mitch WarrenMitch Warren, 6 years ago

    I really love this framework. I've been using it almost daily since the first alpha and am so pleased with how much it's grown and evolved. I feel it's also helped me become a much better more organised front-end dev. The new documentation site is great too.

    My only pain point with the Beta is the loss of visibility classes. I'm really going to miss writing: (eg)


    compared to now:

    d-none d-lg-block

    It's a minor thing, and I understand the decision to remove those verbose classes - but for me it was so much easier to scan and quickly understand the intent, on large projects at least.

    Anyway thanks Mark and your team for all the effort, you guys are awesome!

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    • Shashwat Amin, 6 years ago

      This is pretty important.

      I can't find this in the docs, can you point me to it?

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    • Mark Otto, 6 years ago

      The .hidden classes presented an issue where we would need their own variants for every single display value—inline, inline-flex, inline-block, block, flex, table, etc. And, we'd need that in two directions—up and down.

      With the new approach, you have the same singular set of classes that are more descriptive given their CSS property and value names. For example: d-none d-lg-flex vs d-flex hidden-lg-down. The former is a single direction of mobile-first classes working together, whereas the latter is two directions and two class names.

      Hope that helps explain things a bit!

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