Bootstrap 4 has arrived! (Beta)

6 years ago from James Lane, UI Designer [Moderator]

  • Robin Ebers, 6 years ago

    I disagree, Bootstrap is a great tool to - you guessed it - bootstrap projects. To say Bootstrap is just for people starting out is simply invalid. It's not all about writing the most perfect BEM/atomic/component based CSS, it's also about how easy you can onboard new people onto that project, particularly in a commercial context.

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    • Aaron WadeAaron Wade, 6 years ago

      Nailed it

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    • Shashwat Amin, 6 years ago

      Basically. I work for various design agencies and almost all new employees, contractors, etc know bootstrap so onboarding them with the agency projects is very easy - compared to say, using an estoric framework.

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    • Johan Ronsse, 6 years ago

      The arguments that Bootstrap gets you started quickly and allows you to onboard new devs easily are true, but some web app projects tend to have codebases that have to be maintained for years. The initial simplicity then becomes a double-edged sword, where some choices within the framework that were made to keep things simple actually make things a lot harder. One doesn't simply refactor after some choices have been made - why can't we have good ones from the start?

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    • Laura McCartney, 6 years ago

      I didn't say it's only for people starting out. I was addressing this;

      I have often used Bootstrap in the past but I am moving away from it completely.

      I think this is a natural and common progression.

      Bootstrap is not always the best tool for the job. The more experienced you are the better your ability to decide when something like Bootstrap is appropriate and when it isn't should be.

      This doesn't always happen. I've worked alongside people who have been in development for years and still rely on Bootstrap for things that absolutely do not require it (jQuery is also bad for this) and therefore using it adds a lot of bloat and can actually be harder/more time consuming to maintain.

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