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over 6 years ago from Matthew Cooper, Freelance Web, Ui, UX & Brand Designer

  • Matthew Cooper, over 6 years ago

    Hi Cristian, please liaise with me as this is my post and you seem to have gone a bit off track with your "thoughts" and original comment which has little substance. The only substance I see is that you do not like my post....which is fair enough, thats your opinion, its not for everyone :)

    I don't mind that, but please do not tell me what to do ("Whatever it was, keep it off DN please.") ....after all I thought people were allowed to express their opinions according to YOURSELF. But by saying "Whatever it was, keep it off DN please."....this is extremely hypocritical of yourself as you are TELLING me what to do regardless of my opinion....that I have posted.

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    • Cristian MoiseiCristian Moisei, over 6 years ago

      Oh, sure. I think your article has no value and you shouldn't post it on DN. You show me a single designer, regardless of how early on in their career they are, who has not heard of Adobe or Sketch or who doesn't know what Skype is, and I'll happily agree I was wrong.

      On the other hand, if your article was thoroughly comparing the capabilities, features, advantages and disadvantages of the software available in each field, that would have been a different story - that would be valuable to people who are just getting started and are not sure which tool to pick or those looking to switch. The closest your article comes to that. Giving a one line introduction to the app and listing its price hardly cuts it. You haven't even looked at all the tools out there to give people a simple list of options.

      The reason I am critical of articles like these is because I think they add to the confusion. The design industry is already suffering from a lack of transparency where the most experienced designers cannot (or will not) share details about their work and processes, and a focus on the visual side to top it all off. Filling the void are meaningless marketing articles written by companies and designers trying to look like an authority figure.

      What are you really contributing and who are you really helping by informing people of the existence of Illustrator, telling them it's a vector tool that you like and it costs 22/m?

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      • Matthew Cooper, over 6 years ago

        Hi Cristian,

        To be honest, I've dealt with people like yourself before. I understand your opinion and have accepted you do not like my article long ago, thats fine with me honestly :D But you will not back down unless everyone believes you are right, and I find that behaviour odd.

        Also you did not even acknowledge my comment about yourself being hypocritical which also seems odd.

        It's not about knowing OF the app names and what they are, its LITERALLY my opinions from what I've learnt from using these different apps and what I like to recommend as the better app overall.

        Yes it IS brief, AS I STATED in the story, it WOULD be brief on advice and not an in depth story. If you don't like it that's fine.....just don't read it. If your "nose is out of joint" I apologise, I didn't mean to offend you with my story. I enjoy writing and will continue to do so. I am all for feedback and criticism but if its not very constructive, then it's really like hitting your head against a brick wall trying to explain to someone that each are entitled to their own opinion, going back and forth only to realise the creator of this comment thread (yourself) was acting hypocritical all along.

        I take your words on board and I like the point you say about being more in depth, this is good feedback I can work with definitely! :)

        I love learning new things and taking in new thoughts and feedback. But sending personal attacking messages ("Now if you can make a more pertinent case for why you think that is not the best way to deal with people like Matthew"), People LIKE me, really?

        Or sending hypocritical messages "Whatever it was, keep it off DN please." then saying "I am trying to say that just like you have the right to express your views and go tell Matthew how great you think his article is and why you enjoyed it, or say nothing if you don't really believe that, so should I have the right to criticise him for what I believe is a pointless article.". It's a bit confusing if anything Cristian.

        I really don't see the point in this argument, if you have nothing better to do than to try and win an argument then I feel for you. Myself and Adam have both stated that we actually agree with some of your points but other points you have stated are not constructive. So mixed reviews really.

        I think you have blown this way out of proportion. I like to write, I write different stories, some people like them, some people don't....the best part is I enjoy writing and I'm not going to stop. If DN were concerned about people showing their writings or Dribbble shots or work shots they wouldn't have introduced the "Show DN" option when posting a link. If you do not like it do not read/open it. Like you keep saying, you have an opinion you are entitled to :) Just remember not to TELL people what to do and maybe ask them or advise them constructively ;)

        I'm not going to rise to this anymore as I have bigger issues at heart and I'm sure you do to. I wish you well as a creative Cristian and in life itself! :)

        Regards, Matt

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