Sooo I tried "Flow" from Dan Ross

over 6 years ago from Joacim Nilsson, Interaction Designer & Developer

  • Ale Perez, over 6 years ago

    Font-size works fine for me, not sure what's your issue. But hey, I like Flow, having round corners is useful.

    It's just that concept is the same as Blokk, which was done 4 years ago, so "that" deserves credit.

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    • Dan Ross, over 6 years ago

      Some differences between Flow and Blokk: • 3 weights/styles • Variable width characters • Improved line-height (to match SF)

      Not sure about what Blokk supports but Flow will have: • Extended Latin character support (Update on 24th July) • Cyrillic character support (Update on 24th July)

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