Sooo I tried "Flow" from Dan Ross

over 6 years ago from Joacim Nilsson, Interaction Designer & Developer

  • Trev MorrisTrev Morris, over 6 years ago

    This would be useful in very low-fi wireframes. Anything beyond that and you're doing yourself a disservice in not using real words (not necessarily the final copy, but something close).

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    • Chris PorterChris Porter, over 6 years ago

      At that point, might as well do paper sketches...

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      • Trev MorrisTrev Morris, over 6 years ago

        Well yes, there is that - so why have this in the first place. I do understand it has an aesthetic people enjoy.

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    • Alexandrine AllardAlexandrine Allard, over 6 years ago

      My thoughts exactly... I would not call it a typeface for Wireframing. Wireframes without at least a minimum of content experience are way too high level and could be seen as useless... At the point you're doing wireflows or userflows. Useful for pretty illustrations/visuals.

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