Ask DN: How do you handle mood shifts?

almost 6 years ago from Onur Senture, Design Lead @ / Co-founder @

  • Cristian MoiseiCristian Moisei, almost 6 years ago

    On top of my previous comment, which was about understanding the problem, I can also suggest a more tangible solution: I found that the better organised I am, the easier it is to stay motivated throughout a project even when things get difficult. If working on the project is frictionless (i.e. I know where every folder and piece of information is, I have my software setup for maximum efficiency, I communicate as clearly as possible and make sure there are no misunderstandings, etc.), things will go more smoothly.

    I posted a story on DN about organising information a while ago. And I also had a story about optimising PS but that's no longer available for some reason - I can send you my scripts and setup if you're a PS user.

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