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over 6 years ago from Cenk Özbakır, Founder, Citationsy

  • Satya Rajpurohit, over 6 years ago

    Hi Adam,

    Buying a subscription is exactly like buying a 1 user desktop license for all the fonts in the library. And you can do everything with fonts as far as you don't give them to a third-party. Just like how you'd work with a regular 1 user desktop license.

    "BUY" feature is mainly for the clients (or non-subscribers) who wants to buy a copy for themselves. Clients generally don't need the entire library, they just need the font their designer have recommended them, without getting into the hassle of monthly payments. Also, in many cases, clients needs to use them on a larger scale. For designers, fonts are more of tools and they need an easy and affordable access to a library. That's why we offer subscription only to designers. But designers can also buy fonts for their clients.

    Hope this helps, :)

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    • Adam SzakalAdam Szakal, over 6 years ago

      Ah, I hear ya. Maybe you should differntiate these two paths a bit more clearly? Like make the CTA for subscribing a bit bigger, since that's the most common use case, no?

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