So, I'm buying a new MacBook. Question is, which one?

over 6 years ago from Luis da Silva, Digital Product Designer

  • Jack VeigaJack Veiga, over 6 years ago

    I switch to a Late 2016 15" MBP from a Mid 2012 15" MBP and I did notice some improvements, especially when handling graphics on a WQHD external display.

    Clearly a more refined machine with fewer problems (no display warm yellowish tint and no scroll lag). The keyboard doesn't bother me, I'm used to mechanical.

    I was apprehensive about buying it at first because it looked like I was just spending money and not getting that much of an upgrade, but no regrets. The only thing that still bitters me is not having 32GB RAM (Apple has its reasons), but well can't win them all.

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